Crinoline Chronicles

Crinoline Chronicles

Explore the artistry and techniques behind crafting exquisite headpieces adorned with delicate crinoline.

Crinoline Chronicles
  • Crinoline In Bloom Live Lesson

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    Award-winning milliner Sandy Aslett shares her expertise, demonstrating how to shape crin petals for stunning hat designs. Sandy emphasizes the importance of experimentation and personalisation, offering tips on design elements and embellishments. Last day to watch June 8.

  • Lace & Crinoline Elegance

    Lace and crinoline are a perfect combination for this upturned brim hat. Clients who love to add height when wearing their headwear will enjoy the delicacy of this freeform pleated crinoline brim hat.

    Lesson Plan: • Design Upturned Crinoline Brim • Creating Lace Motifs • Adding Wire • Lace & Fea...

  • Exploring Brims

    Explore how to redesign your basic brim by adding or taking away to give a basic brim a sensational look.

    LESSON PLAN: Insert extras | Spots & shot methods | Patchwork or pleat | Cut & curl | Extend or double up | Crinoline Brims

  • Crinoline: 25% Discount

    Enjoy a 30% discount on 3" Crinoline through April. Please use the code from the video in checkout.