Colour Your Millinery

Colour Your Millinery

Learn the fundamentals of dyeing your millinery.

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Colour Your Millinery
  • Dyeing Millinery Materials

    Learn to dye Silk Abaca and a variety millinery materials in a colour of your choice. Add patterns and decoration to Silk Abaca to give a fresh vibrancy to your millinery style.

    LESSON PLAN: Dyeing Essentials | Dye Millinery Components | Pattern Silk Abaca | Colour Striping

  • Tinting Silk Flowers

    These tinting fundamentals teach you the the basics to use these colours and are essential as it has both the properties of a dye and a paint. Learn several tinting techniques to add texture to the flowers appearance.

  • Tinting Millinery Course Patterns

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    Download patterns for your lessons.