Silk Abaca Creations Course

Silk Abaca Creations Course

Intrigue your customers by dyeing your millinery materials to create unique bespoke headwear. Your passionate tutor Amanda Macor takes you step by step through the dyeing process and safety essentials. Add colourful patterning to your Silk abaca to make an oversized “Flower Dreams” headpiece. Learn all Amanda’s hands on tips on how to transform your silk abaca into a shaped covered base or a sculpted draped masterpiece.

Silk Abaca Creations Course
  • Flower Dreams With Silk Abaca

    Create amazing large colourful flowers to adorn your millinery using your customised dyed and patterned silk abaca. Be inspired to venture into your unique flower creations.

    Lesson Plan: • Flower Petals • Shaping Petals • Flower Varieties • Support On Headwear

  • Dyeing Millinery Materials

    Learn to dye Silk Abaca and a variety millinery materials in a colour of your choice. Add patterns and decoration to Silk Abaca to give a fresh vibrancy to your millinery style.

    LESSON PLAN: Dyeing Essentials | Dye Millinery Components | Pattern Silk Abaca | Colour Striping

  • Covering And Draping With Silk Abaca

    Covering a base with silk abaca can be a challenge but tutor Amanda Macor shares the most effective time saving methods including preparing a base, stiffening techniques and finishing.

  • Flower Dreams Patterns

    131 KB

    Create amazing large colourful flowers to adorn your millinery.