Custom Alice Bands Live Lesson

Custom Alice Bands Live Lesson

Create tailored Alice Headbands with tutor Sophie Allport, designed from the ground up. Discover how this versatile headwear can be shaped and adapted to fit any head contour, ensuring lasting comfort for your customers.
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Custom Alice Bands Live Lesson
  • Thermoplastic Foundation

    Discover the innovative process of creating customized Alice Headbands using thermoplastic materials under the guidance of tutor Sophie Allport.
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    • Find Pattern here

  • Wiring Headband

    Explore on the detailed process of incorporating wiring for added structure and versatility.

  • Padding & Covering Headwear

    A technique to ensure both style and comfort for your customers.

  • Effortless Lining

    Discover effortless method for lining Alice Headbands, ensuring a comfortable finish for your bespoke headwear creations.

  • Sophie Allport Collection: 20% Off

    Learn new techniques for modern materials with Tutour, Sophie Allport. Save on her Deluxe Courses with Lifetime Access, please use the code from the video above in checkout.
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