French Flower Making Course

French Flower Making Course

Flowers are the true beauty of nature and a favoured trim on headwear. Through this set of lessons of French Flower Making techniques you will learn how to tool your stiffened silk to create your own beautiful lilies, blossoms, roses, poppies and more. Tuition to enable you to create nine unique flowers to complement your millinery styling for your customers. All patterns are included in this Course as well as a stiffening lesson. These lessons will give you a flying start to create unique florals for your headwear.

Masterclass Techniques:
5+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
Fabric stiffening lesson included

French Flower Making Course
  • Flower Making Preparation

    Introduction to essentials tools and how to stiffen silk in four different ways.

  • Flower Making Fundamentals

    Create your own unique flowers by learning age old French flower making techniques and give a more personalised feminine touch to each piece.

    LESSON PLAN: Stiffening Basics | Make a Petalled Rose |Construct a Cluster Rose | Create Blossoms

  • Open Florals

    Open flowers are suitable for brides or on a simple headpiece when you do not want the floral trim to appear a large dominant feature. All patterns are included along with creative ways to arrange stamens.

    LESSON PLAN: Poppy | Dog Rose | Simple Flower

  • Blooms With Volume

    When tilting a small headpiece or a brim, add flowers with depth and width to balance and complement the design. Lilies, Montville Roses and Chrysanthemums outlined in this lesson are ideal, perfect for your headpiece or crowns.

    LESSON PLAN: Large Lily | ...

  • Flower Making Sandbag

    Create your own sand bag ready to hand tool each petal in the French Flower making lessons.

  • French Flower Making Patterns

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    Download patterns for your lessons.

  • French Flowers Course Supplies

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    Recommended millinery supplies.