Live Lessons

Live Lessons

Millinery demonstrations are available to Studio+ members as part of an interactive live experience. Follow along with others worldwide, participate in Q&A, or watch the recorded lesson to check in on your progress.

Live Lessons
  • Blocked Linings Live Lesson

    Give your hats and headpieces a professional finish as Louise Macdonald demonstrates how to block fabric liners with your choice of material and then position them securely into your headwear. Add a new level of sophistication by learning the technique of blocking a sinamay lining.
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  • Fully Feathered Live Lesson

    6 items

    Learn how to create a stunning feather-covered headpiece with guidance from Carole Maher. Discover tips and techniques to layer and adhere feathers, plus how to incorporate feather brims and mounts for a dramatic statement piece.

  • Dramatic Bows Live Lesson

    8 items

    Discover how to create striking statement bows that retain their sculpted form and demand attention. Join Sophie Allport in this inspiring demonstration as she unveils creative techniques for sensational headwear. Captivate your customers with stunning dimension and personality.

  • Stitched Berets Live Lesson

    7 items

    Create a chic beret with your favourite fabric and custom finish. Master this versatile technique as you learn from tutor Elaine Mergard. A set of patterns and stitch templates is included to complete your beret with a touch of style.

  • Live Lessons FAQ

    Discover answers to commonly asked questions about Live Lesson learning.