Live Lessons

Live Lessons

Millinery demonstrations are available to Studio+ members as part of an interactive live experience. Follow along with others worldwide, participate in Q&A, or watch the recorded lesson to check in on your progress.

Live Lessons
  • Different Hat, Same Veil Live Lesson

    How versatile to be able to wear a hat with or without a veil! Louise Macdonald will demonstrate how to design a veil that can be easily moved by the wearer from one hat to another, enabling more styling options for your millinery.

    • Demonstration presented via Zoom
    • Live Q&A w...

  • Fully Feathered Live Lesson

    6 items

    Learn how to create a stunning feather-covered headpiece with guidance from Carole Maher. Discover tips and techniques to layer and adhere feathers, plus how to incorporate feather brims and mounts for a dramatic statement piece. Lesson available to review until June 10.

  • Stitched Berets Live Lesson

    7 items

    Create a chic beret with your favourite fabric and custom finish. Master this versatile technique as you learn from tutor Elaine Mergard. A set of patterns and stitch templates is included to complete your beret with a touch of style.

  • Live Lessons FAQ

    Discover answers to commonly asked questions about Live Lesson learning.