Velvet Flowers Live Lesson

Velvet Flowers Live Lesson

Learn to design stunning velvet flowers with talented milliner Sophie Allport. Discover essential techniques for working with velvet fabric and create gorgeous florals to adorn headpieces, either individually or as a captivating vine arrangement.
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Velvet Flowers Live Lesson
  • Velvet Stiffening

    Learn essential techniques for stiffening velvet fabric, a crucial step to keep shape and vibrancy.
    • Find lesson patterns here

  • Blooms on the Bias

    Learn the tips to marking and cutting your velvet precisely on the bias setting the stage for stunning blooms.
    • Find lesson patterns here

  • Designing Stamens

    Create three different types of stamens, allowing you to explore experiment and personalize your flower creations.

  • Shaping Petals

    Sophie will guide you through the specific techniques needed to create stunning poppies and roses, while also equipping you with the foundational skills to tackle a variety of other floral shapes.

  • Tooling Leaves

    Discover the process that involves shaping the fabric to achieve intricate details and lifelike textures.

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  • Velvet Flowers Pattern

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