Handcrafted Flowers Course

Handcrafted Flowers Course

Discover a unique range of flowers to add to your headpieces and hats. This course teaches you how to use a variety of straws and materials to make gorgeous flowers with range of techniques to complement your millinery style. Create 28 unique floral techniques that require no additional tools. Lessons also include flower patterns.

Handcrafted Flowers Course
  • Flower Stamens

    The focus of any flower is the centre as the eye looks directly at the middle then follows outward to peruse the petals. Learn various methods of creating interesting centres to your flowers using stamens, or beads or treasures from your craft box.
    Patterns: https://hat.academy/resources

  • Straw Flowers

    Women love the floral touch to hats and headwear as they give such a feminine look. Learn to use sinamay straw or parisisal straw to create eight different styled flower trims. Each flower will give your hat or fascinator an individual personality.
    Patterns: https://hat.academy/resources

  • Fashioned Straw Flowers

    Amongst the new sinamay straw roses and lilies we create a large sculptured Parisisal rose. The larger flowers will lend themselves to be the dominant feature of your trim or fascinator. Learn to add wire stems to the daisies so you can give the trim a three-dimensional effect.
    Patterns: https://...

  • Fabric Flowers

    Choose heavy satins and silks or transparent organzas to display a variety of floral inclusions on your new headwear. Learn several methods to add wire to bring your petals to life. Your clients will appreciate your eye for detail as you co-ordinate the trim with the fabric of their outfit.

  • Traditional Fabric Flowers

    Fabrics used range from satins to fine silk organza or polyester ribbon. The addition of wire helps to give flowers shaping. Learn to restore vintage flowers and add new life to boring commercial flowers. These will be a great addition to all your headwear.
    Patterns: https://hat.academy/resources

  • Handcrafted Flowers Patterns

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    Download patterns for your lessons.

  • Handcrafted Flowers Course Supplies

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    Recommended millinery supplies.