Swiss Straw Course

Swiss Straw Course

Master the skill of working with Swiss braids to create contemporary or vintage millinery styles including pillbox, cloche, Dior and Boater Hats. Throughout this Course Elaine shares all her tips and techniques to help you shape these exquisite straws into headwear. The variety of texture and colour the braids offer will give a unique style to your headwear collection.

Masterclass Techniques:
5+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
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Swiss Straw Course
  • Swiss Straw Fundamentals

    Using Swiss braids to create headwear whether contemporary or vintage styled is a much loved technique from a bygone era and is taught in detail in this lesson. Master the weaving technique to give a smooth surface with a rosette finish and complete a classic pillbox.

    LESSON PLAN: Swiss Braid Ba...

  • Swiss Straw Classic Styling

    Start with a cocktail hat where you learn to wire and line after stiffening. Your tutor explains in detail how to taper the braid to weave perfectly flat. Learn to make a picture hat brim, boater hat with low crown and a Dior brim completed with a buckram crown.

    LESSON PLAN: Cocktail hat On Bas...

  • Swiss Straw Contemporary Designs

    We create exciting Hatinators, Fascinator plus Boater and Cloche styles in this lesson. By sculpturing and adding extra components to our Swiss braid creations we give our designs contemporary styling.

    LESSON PLAN: Sculpting And Wiring Hatinator | Rosette On Crown Top | Straw Cloche | Checkered...

  • Swiss Straw Course Supplies

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