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Millinery.Info is the go-to resource for the modern milliner and hat enthusiast! Founded by award-winning milliner Louise MacDonald, the site is now managed by Lauren J Ritchie Millinery.

Millinery.Info is host to a large and growing archive of podcasts featuring interviews with milliners from across the globe. Additionally, the site hosts a number of millinery, and fashion, themed photo galleries, most of which are publicly viewable, and a few special museum collections accessible to Patreon supporters.

Millinery.Info provides many other millinery resources, including an index of milliners from all over the world, an ongoing list of millinery competitions, links to active millinery guilds and suppliers, and even a list of millinery terminology. also hosts a month-long #millinerymaker social media campaign in July with daily prompts to encourage milliners to share their work with the world.

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  • Irene van Vugt Podcast

    Irene van Vugt is a renowned Dutch hat and bag designer celebrated for her meticulous craftsmanship and innovative approach to 3D design.

  • Anne Tomlin Podcast

    Anne Tomlin, an accomplished artisan from Hassocks, focuses on crafting bespoke flowers, blending traditional techniques with innovative methods.

  • Natalie Taylor Podcast

    Natalie Taylor is the milliner and designer behind the brand N.A.T Millinery, based in Cairns, Queensland. Her creation “Leto” was awarded 1st Runner Up in the Lillian Frank AM MBE Millinery Award in 2023. Read more at

  • Penelope Gervaise Podcast

    Penelope Gervaise is a Designer, Milliner and Teacher based in Sydney. She started her Design Career in 1994 and has always been very passionate about the Design Industry in general. Read more at

  • Cristina De Prada Podcast

    Cristina de Prada, an acclaimed couture milliner based in Barcelona, is renowned for her exceptional talent and creativity in the world of hat design. As the founder of the Barcelona Hat Stroll, she has played a pivotal role in promoting the artistry and craftsmanship of millinery. Read more at ...

  • Cynthia Jones-Bryson: Millinery Award Podcast

    Cynthia Jones-Bryson returns to the podcast to share her recent winning piece for the Lillian Frank AM MBE Millinery Award. This is the third time Cynthia has won this prestigious award. Cynthia works from her studio which is where she created the piece “Sway” with a recycled pla...

  • Denise Innes-Spencer Podcast

    Denise Innes-Spencer is a milliner and teacher based in Liverpool. She founded The British School of Millinery in 1996. She is a regular contributor to The Hat Magazine sharing techniques across a range of materials.

  • Andrea Cainero Podcast

    Andrea Cainero won the 2023 Millinery Australia Design Award with her piece 'Sweet Fontange' which drew on design and technical skills from across her creative career.

  • Rodney Gordon Podcast

    Rodney Gordon has a long-standing career in millinery creating hats, headpieces and masks for theatre and Broadway.

  • Nicholette Pottier Podcast

    Nicholette Pottier is a milliner based in Newton in Sydney Australia. In 2023 she won MIMC (Melbourne International Millinery Competition) with her piece “Prismatic”.

  • Janet Linville Podcast

    Janet Linville began her millinery career in 1979, when she started working on the Casino shows in Atlantic City. From there she went on to work for Woody Shelp, The Santa Fe Opera and in 1997 took on the role of milliner at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

  • Serena Lindeman Podcast

    Serena Lindeman is a milliner based in the iconic Nicholas Building in Melbourne. She has forged her place as a key leader in the Australian millinery industry through her millinery work and role as a millinery educator at Kangan Institute.
    See the full article at

  • Misa Harada Podcast

    Misa Harada is a renowned milliner who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry with her exquisite and innovative hat designs.

    Born in Tokyo, Japan, she moved to London to complete her studies and stumbled into a millinery...

  • Souri Sengdara Podcast

    Souri Sengdara is the creative behind the label Velvet & Tonic. In 2022 Souri won the Myer Fashions on the Field Lillian Frank AM MBE Millinery Award with the piece titled Flow. The piece was a gender-neutral design that was modelled by Brodies wearing a lace blouse and classic masculine black ...

  • Sophie Allport Podcast

    Sophie Allport has just celebrated 10 years off Allport Millinery.
    Sophie Allport Courses:
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    Growing us Sophie attended local country race tracks and wanted to create a unique piece to wear. She began explo...

  • Rebecca Carswell Podcast

    Amelda Millinery is an Australian label designed and made by Canberra-based milliner Rebecca Carswell. Rebecca began her career with a course in Wagga and has gone onto continue to develop her skills. In 2022 she was the winner of the Hattember Competition which Hatters Millinery Supplies hosts. ...

  • Isabelle Soetaerts Podcast

    Isabelle Soetaerts of Isabo Chapo works from across two locations in Belgium, Tienen and Hasselt providing an exclusive millinery and hat experience to her customers. In 2022 Isabelle won the NHV Hat Contest 2022 with her piece “Madame Paulette”.
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  • Ian Bennett Podcast

    Ian Bennett is a London milliner known for his technical skill and passion for quality couture millinery construction. Completing his Master’s in Millinery Ian has gone on to have a long working career this year celebrating 30 years in the trade. He currently works from his shop in London where ...

  • Katie Allen Podcast

    Support » Katie Allen is the milliner and designer behind the label Lifted Millinery and Vice President of Milliners Guild in the United States. Based in North Carolina she takes inspiration from vintage aesthetic creating pieces for living hi...

  • Peacock Millinery Podcast

    Support » Belinda is the winner of the 2022 Millinery Australia Design Award she returns to the podcast to share about this award-winning creation. The theme of the competition is was Counter Balance. Belinda’s piece was titled Yin Yang – Lig...

  • Wies Mauduit Podcast

    Wies Mauduit is the designer and milliner of the label La Plus Belle based in The Netherlands. She began her career in millinery at a young age studying at Charles Montaigne Fashion Academy. After moving to Paris she worked for Jean Barthet at The House Barthet before a long standing role at Com...

  • Faye Partridge Podcast

    Faye Partridge was the winner of the 2022 MIMC Competition with her aqua blue piece Wedding Heaven. The award piece was designed in response to the theme Mother of the Bride …… and Bridegroom of course. This year the MIMC Competition saw entrants make a piece to be worn with a Vivienna Lorikeet...

  • Maja Svensson Podcast

    Maja Svensson was the winner of the Millinery Section of the 2021 Hattermber Competition hosted by Hatters Millinery Supplies. Based in Sweden, Maja attended her first millinery course in 20214 at The Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Gothenberg. Taking the next step in her millinery career Maj...

  • Allison Lyndes Podcast

    Allison Lyndes is the winner of Bes-Ben: Humor and High Design Competition hosted by the Milliners Guild. The piece titled Roll for Initiative! Was inspired by the game Dungeons & Dragons, with inspiration drawn from Bes-Ben motifs and techniques.

    With a background in theatre studies, Allison c...