Millinery Courses

Millinery Courses

Grow your millinery creativity by learning with millinery courses online.

Millinery Courses
  • All About Felt Course

    13 videos

    Learn all the fundamentals of working with fur felt hoods and capelines with Waltraud Reiner. Whether you're an experienced milliner or a newbie looking to build up your skills, you're sure to pick up some great new techniques in this course. Hand stitching and edge finishing is explained in deta...

  • Lace Millinery Course

    3 videos

    Glamorous lace will add a new level of elegance to your overall look in headwear. Learn from Master Milliner, Brett Morley of Melbourne how to create refined silhouettes in lace to create a sensation on the bride’s big day or as your next Fashions on the Field race day entry. In this Course Brett...

  • Millinery Essentials Course

    14 videos

    Bring your ideas to life with 15+ hours of comprehensive millinery techniques to extend your repertoire and develop a range of creative styles. Learn something new or refresh your skills as you join Master Milliner Elaine Mergard with over 50 years of hat making experience. With over 100 techniqu...

  • Silk Abaca Creations Course

    3 videos

    Intrigue your customers by dyeing your millinery materials to create unique bespoke headwear. Your passionate tutor Amanda Macor takes you step by step through the dyeing process and safety essentials. Add colourful patterning to your Silk abaca to make an oversized “Flower Dreams” headpiece. Lea...

  • Silk Abaca Course

    3 videos

    Join talented award winning milliner and tutor Amanda Macor as you learn to understand the nature of this lustrous millinery component. Develop unique techniques to innovate your own creative headwear and add dramatic styling to your headpiece for the next Fashions on the Field event.

  • A Rendezvous With Hats Course

    4 videos

    Master milliner Diana Cavagnaro from San Diego USA, is excited to share all her hands on methods to create four different styles of headwear. Learn to make a tailored boater hat and an elegant picture hat based on buckram using flat pattern methods. Winter style is all about a comfortable felt ha...

  • French Flower Making Course

    5 videos

    Flowers are the true beauty of nature and a favoured trim on headwear. Through this set of lessons of French Flower Making techniques you will learn how to tool your stiffened silk to create your own beautiful lilies, blossoms, roses, poppies and more. Tuition to enable you to create nine unique ...

  • Swiss Straw Course

    3 videos

    Master the skill of working with Swiss braids to create contemporary or vintage millinery styles including pillbox, cloche, Dior and Boater Hats. Throughout this Course Elaine shares all her tips and techniques to help you shape these exquisite straws into headwear. The variety of texture and col...

  • Handcrafted Flowers Course

    5 videos

    Discover a unique range of flowers to add to your headpieces and hats. This course teaches you how to use a variety of straws and materials to make gorgeous flowers with range of techniques to complement your millinery style. Create 28 unique floral techniques that require no additional tools. Le...

  • Tinting Millinery Course

    3 videos

    Colours are very important in our lives as they directly influence our emotions. Learn a variety of tinting techniques to add a fresh uniqueness to your millinery range. Unleash the creative artist within whether you are tinting millinery flowers, adding patterns to straw or transforming trims in...

  • Handfelted Creations Course

    5 videos

    Creating your own felt using merino fleece opens up a new world of self expressive millinery creativity. These classes are a great resource designed for beginners and skilled to understand and develop the art of felt making. Everything is explained by your tutor Wendy Bailye and you are instructe...

  • Hats For Dolls & Bears Course

    4 videos

    Adapted from traditional millinery methods, Master Milliner Elaine Mergard teaches creative miniature hats for dolls, teddy bears and beloved pets. Learn how to make a variety of hats using supplied patterns and hat blocks you can make yourself. With nine different styles, each hat will add to th...

  • Millinery Webisodes

    5 videos

    Collection of practical info and inspiring millinery videos.

  • Course Resources

    2 videos

    Recommended course specific materials and supporting documents.
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